MY Event Accommodation Finder FAQ


Q) How does a hotel know I have booked and paid through the service?

A) Once you have booked through the site, you receive a confirmation email confirming that your booking has been made and paid for. At the same time, the hotel receives a similar email confirming the same information. MY Event Accommodation Finder manages the payment process between the service and the hotel, so there is nothing here you need to worry about.


Q) What hotels for your work with?

A) At present, all hotels are located within 25 miles of Whittlebury Hall and hold a minimum of 3-star rating. All hotels have been visited by a member of the team to ensure standard levels match those that Whittlebury Hall operate on. We work with a mixture of large brands and small independent hotels.


Q) What is the cancellation policy for bookings?

A) At the time of booking, all bookings are confirmed – non-transferable and non-refundable. If due to mitigating circumstances you need to cancel your booking, please contact the hotel directly who will make final decision on this.


Q) What happens if I want to book more than 5 rooms?

A) Should you need to book more than 5 rooms, your booking will turn into a group reservation. You then place an enquiry online which will be picked up with our team onsite who will source and propose options for you. When you wish to proceed, we introduce you to the hotels to arrange payment, contracts etc.


Q) Who do I contact if I have queries after I have booked?

A) We recommend that with all queries you contact our customer service team on 01327 850 473 or email myeventaccommodationfinder@whittleburyhall.co.uk


Q) If I have a complaint – who do I need to address this too?

A) If you are unhappy with any aspect of the Accommodation that you have booked through MY EVENT ACCOMMODATION FINDER and wish to complain, then please raise this with the relevant Provider directly at the time so that they have the opportunity to address any issues raised by you. However, if you have a dispute with WHS, relating to our contract with you, in the first instance please contact us at MYEventAccommodationFinder@whittleburyhall.co.uk and attempt to resolve the dispute with us

informally. You can also write to us (marked ‘for the attention of the MY EVENT ACCOMMODATION FINDER Manager’) at: Whittlebury, Nr Towcester, Northampton, NN12 8QH.


Q) What are the terms and conditions of using this service?

A) These can be downloaded here.


Q) If I wanted to promote this service to my delegates, can I do this?

A) Yes please do, this is something that we encourage as it offers a variety of priced options for your delegates. We also offer a free service where we can rebrand the site for you – In line with your event, branding, logos etc.


Q) What if I want to book hotels outside of this radius?

A) This is something that the booking site is not able to do however our team can so please send any requests to myeventaccommodationfinder@whittleburyhall.co.uk


Q) Why are Whittlebury Hall offering this service?

A) We are always looking for ways to go above and beyond for our clients and we know this is a service that is going to benefit not only our clients, but also their delegates. 


Q) If I can’t find accommodation on my chosen date, are you able to support further?

A) Absolutely, if there is a specific date that does not show availability via the booking portal then please email myeventaccommodationfinder@whittleburyhall.co.uk with your requirements and we will try our hardest to meet your needs.