Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is about learning through first-hand experience.

Skills, knowledge and experience are acquired and then put into practice providing learners with the springboard to reflect on what they do and how they do it.

Made popular by Kolb amongst others, his 'experiential learning theory,' is based on the idea that 'learning is a process whereby knowledge is created through transformation of experience'. Experiential Learning is a tried and tested method by which every learner can make the most from any training programme and be enthusiastic in applying into their own workplace.

All of our team are believers and advocates of this methodology and all of our programmes are based on these approaches.

This ratio is a guide to where and how learning is embedded most effectively.

70% Provided there is the will to allow it to occur, the work environment is one of the more effective places to learn. Applying learning from the course back to the job, undertaking real work projects, being set a true business challenge are all examples of how we assist this to happen through our programmes.
20% When in the workplace, learners need the support necessary to ensure that their momentum is maintained and what was learned becomes their normal behaviour. A formal or informal coach often gives this support, whether internally found or sourced externally. It is also a reflection of the culture of the organisation where learning and its support are ‘just part of what we do’. Without this 20%, the good intentions and focused plans of the learner run the risk of dwindling to nothing with old behaviours returning to dominate.
10% This describes the more formal learning provision, for example the development programmes, training courses, etc. They are the times when the learners are taken out of their work environment and given the opportunity to learn the underpinning knowledge, skills, and behaviours that can then be applied to the workplace (i.e. the 70% zone).

One of the best ways to get it right and to maximise the effectiveness of the 10% is to run the programme using experiential methods and experienced deliverers.

How Do We Do It?
In a nutshell We blend training, facilitation and coaching into a unique mix for each group and individual learner. We enable a learner to gain an experience, reflect on what happened and what it meant, receive some explanation or some input to it, trying it out again and pushing it further towards a new experience.

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