An Academy for You

You can design your own programme, long or short, to fit your needs.

There’s so much on offer and needs can vary so considerably that we thought the best starting point would be that you can then ‘Cherry Pick’ the ones most suitable for you.

Linked Learning
Our experiential methods work brilliantly when people are with us at Whittlebury Hall; however, it’s essential that the buzz they get be maintained when back at work. It’s the 70:20:10 rule again.

When a client chooses two or more ‘subjects’ for their programme, this offers the opportunity to link them together with a Back At Work project that embeds the learning in their ‘real world’. This project can be reviewed on return or at a special session as an Action Learning Set, a presentation to senior managers or an open group discussion. In this way the learning period is extended from 3-4 days to a couple of months, or for a longer programme, 8-10 days to up to a year. What’s more, the majority of the learning takes place in the work place, exactly where it should.

Pick Your Own
As our programmes are more about facilitation and coaching than traditional training, it’s important to us that everyone is fully engaged and can make the most of their time with us. Therefore, you need to be mindful of how many people attend each course and we will link the number of coaches to your cohort size. We would usually set the top limit as 24 participants with 3 coaches and a minimum of 8 participants with 1 coach. This allows us to split into groups for activities, reviews, case studies, group exercises etc. and for each group to have their own coach with them all the time.  The dedicated group coach’s purpose is to support and challenge the group, observe and give feedback, remind and reinforce inputs from the plenary sessions and to facilitate the links and applications to the workplace.

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